Subscription Stores – New & Emerging global market for mobile games

The Mobile Games arena is far more challenging than ever with only a few titles dominating the top of the charts. The usual suspects have owned the top slots in the Free 2 Play category over the past several years. This makes it even more important for developers and publishers, who attempt to break through and monetize smartly/find new markets, to remain competitive and profitable. The good news, in case you haven’t already discovered, is that there are new opportunities to generate revenue for your games. With this in mind, how do you effectively monetize your Android games outside of Google Play or Amazon?

A new and ancillary market is emerging and growing where developers/publishers can make money from games in Local Subscription Stores. These Subscription Stores are usually run in concert with Carriers in markets such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia, and Colombia. Stores offer a carefully curated and diverse selection of high quality games for a fixed weekly or monthly fee. No Ads, no IAPs and all payments are managed via consumers phone bills.

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