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With our vast experience in dealing with secondary market subscription stores, we wanted to share some common questions we always get.
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Perpetuum Media publishes Android and HTML5 games in Carrier based Subscription Stores where consumers pay a flat-fee to access a curated selection of high quality titles.  We consider our partner Stores as the “Netflix or Spotify” for Mobile games.

Our value proposition: there is no development required from your teams & and we’ll handle all publishing tied to this opportunity.  In addition, we don’t require access to your source code.  It’s pure upside!

The Stores we work with are Subscription driven where consumers pay a fixed fee (weekly or monthly) and gain “all-you-can-eat” access to  High Quality games.  Revenue is shared monthly, based upon the “usage” of each game.

In the Secondary Markets, each use of your game generates revenue which Perpetuum Media then shares equally with your Company

Each month, we’ll send a report detailing the revenue we have collected for your games.  You then send and invoice and we’ll pay! It’s just that simple.

Subscription Stores we work with are typically operated in concert with large Carriers and are often co-branded with examples such as Vodafone Games / Movistar Juegos.  We also partner with Direct To Consumer (D2C) stores that are managed independently from Carriers.

Perpetuum Media does not directly operate nor manage Subscription Stores.  Rather, we manage a portfolio of high quality games which we enable to and publish within said Stores alongside with supporting services.

We are strongest in EMEA but APAC and LatAm are growing.

Yes!  Through our process F.A.S.T, we’ll enable your games to function within a Subscription Store model / environment.  There is no development work required from your company and we need no source code either!

Once signed up, we manage updates too!!

Because consumers are paying a Subscription Fee, Ads (all types) are removed from games alongside  IAPs that are managed via our proprietary technology. F.A.S.T.  FunCoins™, a subset of our tech, replaces in game currency needed to pay for IAP items and serve as an engagement / retention tool.

All games are protected via Subscription Store DRM technology.  Unless you are a paying Subscriber, there is no way to play the games!

We are constantly monitoring the Google Play Store for updates to the games we publish.  If it’s an important one, we’ll take the new version and prepare for our partner Stores.

Best of all, there is no development work required from your teams.  We’ll manage everything!

In short, no.  We have not experienced anything that points to cannibalization of Google Play revenue via the Secondary Markets we serve.  In addition, the content providers whose games we publish and who are truly in to numbers / metrics, feel the same.

It’s our belief that Secondary Markets in part, monetize the 90%+ of consumers who don’t spend in the primary markets. Mobile gaming is not “zero-sum” with respect to revenue.

The Subscription Stores we partner with have high demands / standards and subsequently, so do we.  Minimum requirements at the moment include:

  • 10M+ Installs or trending in the market place (there are exceptions to this number re trending and branded games)
  • 4.0+ Rating
  • Updated within the past three to six months

We publish games across a wide geographical range through multiple Channels and Stores.  Given this, we don’t like to place limits on what consumers may be requesting.  With this said, Action, Arcade, Adventure, Casual, Puzzle, Sports and Strategy genres tend to drive revenue.

Note that in some markets, we’ll be challenged to publish games that have age restrictions (i.e. 16+).

Please, no sex, super violent, and / or hate based  games.  Thank you.

We think this is best answered by reviewing our partners.  On this website, you will see many leading Mobile Game companies who’s titles are in our portfolio.

They work with us because we function as an extension of their publishing group.  We know the Secondary Markets, we live it 24 / 7 and we generate revenue / results!

We are a top grossing publisher in the stores we work with. With us you will:
– Reach a large network of stores
– Work with a partner that has leverage in terms of guaranteed placements and promotions
– Have NO development work ahead of you, we’ll manage that and will use your Free 2 Play builds from Google Play!
– Take advantage of our tech for cross-sell, retention and engagement