Level-up Your Game

We open up markets beyond traditional Appstores

Subscription stores are ancillary and a high growth opportunity

There is no development work required!

With Perpetuum Media, You Will Level-up!

Global Subscription Network

We work with subscription Stores that are typically driven in partnership with Mobile Carriers where a small offering of high quality games are curated for consumers. Consumers pay a fixed recurring flat fee to get access to all games

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How we work

Our Process

No Dev Work Required!

Flexible Application Service Technology (F.A.S.T™) is our proprietary process, developed since early 2013, that manages all things ranging from integration and store compliance to engagement and retention mechanisms we put in the games. Best part, it means no development needed by you

..and yea, it’s fast also!

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As an integral part of F.A.S.T™, FunCoins® is Perpetuum Media’s innovative solution that enables Free 2 Play games to function in Premium Store environments. FunCoins® is engineered to maintain both game-play integrity and in-game economy while stimulating usage and retention for our partner Stores.

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Quality over Quantity

The level of curation within the partner Stores of our Global Subscription Network is very high!

We carefully select games for inclusion given quality, performance and portfolio fit

While your game may be performing well on the Google Play store, we can amplify your game’s performance through our Global Subscription Network. Why would anyone turn away from incremental revenue and extended reach?


The key for us was absolutely no development effort required combined with a solid revenue opportunity. Perpetuum Media handled the entire process and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Agustin Milani, CEO @ Play365
Perpetuum Media enables and empowers our games to their growing network of global Subscription Stores.  They know their business and help us generate revenue from markets that require their expertise!
Marc Andreoli, CEO @ Gameresort

We have worked with Perpetuum Media for a few years. They know their business, are timely and above all earn good money so we are a happy developer and trust them with our brands and games.

Luke Downs, CEO @ GlobalFun

We’re working with Perpetuum Media and are very satisfied. Results have been good and they are on the ball.

Richard Hazenberg, CEO @ Lunagames

Perpetuum Media and Zed have enjoyed years of cooperation together where Perpetuum is distributing our own and aggregated games. It’s a pleasure working with Perpetuum and we have nothing but good to say about our relationship from all aspects

Pavla Tomsu, Zed

Working with Perpetuum Media feels like an extension of our Publishing and Marketing team. They generate revenue from markets and territories we don’t reach, complementing Mobile Games Hub’s global publishing efforts in a great way

Tim Peel, The Mobilegameshub

Zariba is a developer and publisher of mobile games. Using Perpetuum to reach new markets via their network is working well for us. A big win is that there is no development for us to go live.

Lubomir Georgiev, CMO @ Zariba Ltd.

Doing business with Perpetuum Media is fun, efficient and rewarding! They’ve got my vote!

Ramiz, CEO @ Rendered Ideas

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