What is a Global Subscription Network (GSN) ?

Perpetuum Media has established and nurtured strong partnerships with “Best in Class” Subscription Stores that generate revenue for top rated Android games. These Subscription Stores combined are what we refer to as our Global Subscription Network (GSN). It’s a market that’s growing in triple digits! Our GSN can become your gateway to access this market

Perpetuum Media as a GSN

  • We enable incremental revenue in addition to traditional Appstores

  • Stores are usually operated in concert with Mobile Carriers

  • We think of these Stores as “Netflix for Mobile Games”

  • Consumers pay a fixed & recurring fee to access a highly curated selection of “Best in Class” games

  • Perpetuum Media’s GSN includes the “Best of the Best” Subscription Stores

  • We are a Top Provider, offering premier launch & post launch placement
  • Stores operate without hidden fees, Ads, or IAPs (with real currency)
  • Games are DRM protected -> only paying users can play

  • Our turnkey process via our proprietary technology, F.A.S.T. enables this opportunity
  • Revenue is tied to relative Usage/Install or Pay Per Install on a monthly basis