We want to be an extension to your publishing / marketing team allowing you to reach secondary markets you don’t tap today, specifically within the Subscription Store segment

At Perpetuum Media we are a team of industry veterans with vast experience and strong relationships in the games industry. Collectively, we’ve produced, developed, marketed, published and provided financial & business development services for games on multiple platforms throughout the last 20 years. With the emergence of Subscription Stores, we quickly saw the opportunity and have become a leading player in this growing space.

We all have a strong passion for games, are very good at what we do and want to help you do more with your games!!

Getting Stuff Done!

Subscription Stores

We work with the Best of the Best” throughout all major markets, combined they form our Global Subscription Network

Our Global Subscription Network

Core values we share with Stores:
– Generate revenue
– Create an awesome consumer experience
– Cast a wide net and span multiple territories
– View this emerging market as a sustainable long-run business

Our Tech

F.A.S.T™, Funcoins® and our whole back-end technology is battle-tested with the sole aim of getting things done with as little friction as possible

We do more so you do less

We enable your games in our Global Subscription Network….F.A.S.T.™ works so you don’t have to! NO development needed by you!

Our Team

As a team, we are dedicated to maximizing revenue opportunities for your game in our Global Subscription Market

Fun Times

At Perpetuum Media, we love what we do and have an awesome time doing it!!

Core Team

Flaharty scours the planet (earth!) for great games. He’s also actively involved in business development and North American key account management (when not playing guitar)
Steve is the central point for all deliveries. All games pass through him and his team before they reach our network. He’s as timely and precise as Swiss watch even though he is German
Founder of Perpetuum Media. Does all the things no one else wants to do and then some but having a great time doing it 🙂
Marzia makes sure everyone from devs to staff gets paid in time. She’s also managing all localization projects. Grazie / Danke / Tack / Thanks / Спасибо
With a sharp eye for design (and wine!) and a knack for product marketing, Fabio is managing all our scheduling and end-consumer facing propositions

We’re based in Sweden with operations in Germany, Italy and the United States