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Increase ROI on your games portfolio. You've done the games, we'll help you earn more on them in channels you might not otherwise be reaching


Your game is enabled with monetizion options using our in-house tech. No additional development effort is needed on the part of the developer.


Launch planning and execution making sure the games hit the market in the best way possible at the right time with the right backing

Life Cycle Management

Keeping games generating revenue through ASO, iterative monetization tuning, campaign management, reporting & payment

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Mar 2015

Indie Prize selects Massimo Caporale as prize judge

We are pleased to announce that our own Massimo Caporale is one of the judges for the Indie Prize ( With love for all things games, we are happy to support this organization that highlights up and coming developers. Go Indie Developers!!!!

Feb 2015

Windows Phone Live

We are live with Windows Phone, 1st indications prove us right re the opportunity volume wise. Rollouts, monetization tuning, campaigns and new content deals are happening as I write this.

Total downloads across all platforms (as of Feb 2015)
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The people behind Perpetuum Media have always had a strong passion for games. From development to deployment and marketing to sales. We're happy that we can do what we all love while at the same time provide value to those we work with and, of course, put a smile on the face of the people who finally get to play the games

Perpetuum Media Ltd is a privately owned company operating under the laws of Sweden.

  • 2015


    Pushing forward! Main entity moved to Sweden

  • 2014


    The focus is now clear. We provide turn-key services that allows for a better ROI through incremental revenue for the games developers. Not only in reaching new markets but also through portfolio rotation. Our tech allows us to manage the full product life-cycle and to seamlessly add monetization, engagement and retention options to the games provided to us.

  • 2013

    Towards the focal point

    Realizing many devs are struggling with the many different SDKs, appstore T&C and what not, we set out to provide services to help devs reach new markets/channels and try new monetization options without having to spend time on development. While we still did local publishing in selected markets, more and more effort was put into this new line of business.

  • 2012


    Perpetuum Media Ltd founded. Initial focus on apps creation and local market games publishing in the mainstream channels. Main operations out of Germany

What do you mean, enable?

Enabling means that we add features and functions like the below to your game

  • Monetization
    • Advertisements : Where doable (depends on game) at specific points in the game ex loading of level and such. While we do use banners, most revenue made is through Interstitials, video ads and offer-walls
    • IAP : Users are offered to ex remove ads by using the store IAP
    • Cross-sell : We drive traffic across the games we publish by giving recommendations to users of what to download next


  • Retention and Engagement
    • Smart functions for the users to rate the game
    • Reminders when game is not played for a certain amount of time

None of these additions require you to do anything at all. Our tech manages it seamlessly.