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There's a whole world outside Google Play. A world that is generating serious revenue. We can help you tap into that revenue stream for your games.

Your end of the deal is simple. Allow us to use your Google Play versions. That's it!

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Our Business - Global Subscription Network


We publish qualifying games in highly curated and Quality driven subscription stores. Usually these stores are powered by major carriers


Markets such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Tanzania, Mexico, US


We'll use your Google Play version as is
Our tech will handle channel compliance
No Development effort needed


Qualification Requirements

We select games carefully given performance and portfolio fit. Your end of the deal is simple. Allow us to use your Google Play versions. That's it, no development work needed!

Be sure to read our Dev FAQ

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Feb 2017

Gamasutra Blog, check it out

We just published a blogpost @ Gamasutra about our business and what to look for as a Developer or Publisher.
Check it out (CLICK!)

Jan 2017

Meet us @ GDC and GC in San Francisco

If you’re going to GDC or GC in San Francisco Feb 27 to March 3 2017, we’d love to meet you. Let’s discuss how we can make more out of your games/apps portfolio! Get in touch to set up a meeting!

About Us

Who we are and why we do what we do

The people behind Perpetuum Media have always had a strong passion for games. From development to deployment and marketing to sales.

We started Perpetuum to help developers increase their ROI. As of 2016 Perpetuum is operating out of Sweden, Germany, Italy and US.

Since inception, using our tech and reach, we have powered a lot of downloads across the platforms we work and have worked on.

(approx. numbers, updated each month based on reporting)

Perpetuum Media Ltd is a privately owned company operating under the laws of Sweden.

What do you mean, enable?

Enabling means that features and functions like the below are added to your game

None of these additions require you to do anything at all


What do we do with your game?

Our tech will make sure your Google Play version of the game confirms with our channel requirements. In some cases this means we’ll manage IAPs (without breaking the game experience!), remove all ads or add DRM. In others that links to google play will be removed and re-directed to the local subscription store. If your games uses Google Game Service (leaderboards etc) there will be a dashboard change in Google Play to be done to make it work with a new certificate.

We’ll also localize all marketing assets for the required markets

The good news is as said, you don’t need to worry. We’ll handle it.



Q: What does Perpetuum Media do?
A: Providing incremental revenue to developers is our business. The team behind Perpetuum come from a games development and publishing background so we have a very good understanding about the business and market mechanics. This means we see clearly what other routes to market there are from a global viewpoint and we are set out to explore this with great game developers.

The question we asked ourselves is: Even if your game is doing well on Google Play, why would you not want incremental revenue and extended reach? Especially when you do not need to do any additional development work at all (see more on that below)

Q: Where will our games be made available?
A: We work primarily with subscription stores, often run together with large carriers. Prime markets are in Latin America, Asia Pacific as well as Eastern Europe

Q: What’s the business model?
A: Revenue share from subscription fees . Revenue is primarily based on pro-rata of downloads or usage.

Q: How will consumers see my game?
A: The games are distributed via a local Appstore. We’re a top grossing provider  meaning we have excellent product placement opportunities. This means your games will be treated with prio and will be featured!

Q: Does Perpetuum work with premium or freemium games??
A: Both. Our tech will effectively remove all ads and manage IAPs so that users can use the game in the subscription services.

Q: If you discount the IAPs, does not that break the game experience?
A: This is very game dependent. We analyze and take great care with respect to how IAPs are managed in order to keep the experience and game mechanics as intended on game per game basis.

Q: What do we need to do once we have an agreement?
A: Not much, you’ve already developed your game, right? Our agreement enables us to use the Google Play version of your game as well as meta data. If your games uses Google Game Service (leaderboards etc) there will be a dashboard change in Google Play to be done to make it work with a new certificate. We’ll handle the rest using our proprietary technology. This means no dev time spent and no opportunity cost..

Q: What about non-gaming apps?
A: In some cases yes but our focus is set on games